Animals and Fashion

Do you love cows like me? Or deer? Do you love your new shoes Too? Do you follow the fashion Trends? Do you have a leather jacket? Leather shoes? Belts, purses? Do you have suede bags? Shoes? Vests? Do you know that you are Wearing the skin Of my friends That was ripped from Them … Continue reading Animals and Fashion

Substitutes for Eggs and Dairy

Cooking vegan can be delicious. Maybe the reason everyone isn’t vegan yet is that they think of all the things they have to give up: eggs, dairy, meat, fish, honey, etc. However, there are many substitutes for these non-vegan products. You can make food that is delicious and nutritious while still being vegan. Here are some substitutes for eggs and dairy. Continue reading Substitutes for Eggs and Dairy

Beauty Is Pain

Beauty Is Pain You wake up and shower You shampoo your hair You use soap These substances are safe.   Some of you put on makeup That you know is safe So that there is no pain.   But there is pain It just isn’t yours That pain belongs to me The rabbit losing it’s … Continue reading Beauty Is Pain