Substitutes for Eggs and Dairy

Cooking vegan can be delicious. Maybe the reason everyone isn’t vegan yet is that they think of all the things they have to give up: eggs, dairy, meat, fish, honey, etc. However, there are many substitutes for these non-vegan products. You can make food that is delicious and nutritious while still being vegan. Here are some substitutes for eggs and dairy. Continue reading Substitutes for Eggs and Dairy


Aren’t Vegans Annoying?

Are you an omnivore? If so, it’s possible that you’ve been in this situation. If you have a vegan friend or family member, you probably get annoyed with them often. All you ever hear about is how being vegan is good for you, animals matter too, it’s good for the environment, blah, blah, blah.

Yes, I said it. Vegans are annoying. If I said otherwise, I would be lying. But there’s a reason why we vegans say and do these annoying things. This blog post is addressed to the omnivores out there. Here are some reasons why some vegans behave the way they do.

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What’s Wrong With Silk?

Silk is used to make everyday things, such as bed sheets, formal wear, blouses, etc. Most people live their entire lives not wondering where it came from. We know silk comes from silkworms who spin their own cocoons. We know that silk is a fiber produced by insects and spiders who use it to build nests, webs, and cocoons. That’s the extent of our knowledge.

It’s sad knowing that not many people stop to think about where everything comes from. That’s because we have a roof over our heads, a warm bed to sleep in, and clothes to wear. So many people out there would be glad to own an old blanket.

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What Is Humane Slaughter?

We’ve all seen those labels at the store: Certified Humane. What does it mean? The label states that the animals were raised, handled, and slaughtered humanely. Humane slaughter. What exactly is humane slaughter? Do those two words even belong together?

The definition of humane is to act with mercy, compassion, and kindness. Some synonyms are compassionately, gently, and kindly. The definition of slaughter is to violently kill.

You can humanely pet your dog. You can humanely feed a hungry stray cat. You can humanely donate to an organization that helps others. But you cannot humanely slaughter an animal that doesn’t want to die. Continue reading “What Is Humane Slaughter?”