3 thoughts on “Abandonment”

  1. A very well written poem! the message is very strong and powerful.Instead of abandoning animals we should adopt them. Nature has endowed humans with exceptional brains, we should use them to uplift Humanity, not to darken it… As a law student, I strongly support your cause.

    Have you ever felt hopeless or low when hindrances ran into your path? Go through my inspirational poem “I Can Reach High” at
    It’s a poem of Hope, strength and a never ending spirit to live Life.
    Hope you will like it 🙂
    Do leave your feedback, as it’s precious.

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    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad you liked it. I’m glad you understood the point I was trying to get across and I will definitely check out your poem “I Can Reach High”🙂🙃

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